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    A Selection of Art Work Inspired by the Industrial North West
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'The early work recorded people,industry,buildings,and everyday life in the north west of England, and the contrasts between local people and the industrial background. Due to the decline in the manufacturing and mining industries in the late 1980s and the redevelopment of the town centre, the later work attempts to abstract powerful expressive shapes and patterns from the human figure and its environment... '           Tommy W Leonard
Lowe House from Ward Street. Private Collection
Dark Contemplation
Child Study 1
Stages of Agony
A hole in my heart
‘I first became aware of Tommy Leonard’s work in the late 1970’s. At this time Tommy had several exhibitions in St.Helens’ town centre. On wet summer holidays, groups of boys  (myself amongst them) would saunter into the local museum to pass an afternoon. It was here that we first encountered Tommy’s strangely surrealistic oil studies of ‘Lowe House’, an exhibition depicting a local church from a myriad of angles. The 11 canvases had something of a haunting quality, both familiar and melancholy.
Many years later I am now fortunate enough to possess several of Tommy’s paintings, including one of the original 11 Lowe House studies which I so admired as a boy. The remaining oils disappeared into private collections, several went to America, others were purchased by large companies so I feel privileged to own the painting. More importantly, it is still as moody and beautiful as I remember it. '                                                                                                 MT ( a collector).
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